Swimming Fun in the Sun

We have been down to the pool everyday since arriving in Palm Springs. Chase absolutely loves his baby float! We purchased the float for him last summer and subsequently found out that it was not allowed in any of the public pools in Minneapolis. It’s so great that Chase is able to use the float here at the Resort. He likes being pulled around the pool and enjoys splashing his hands in the water. Today he was trying to drink the pool water like a puppy. Gross, Chase!

Chase took a couple of swimming classes this past fall and was able to practice some of the things that he learned such as floating on his back and going under the water. It’s funny because most of the people down by the pool are over the age of 50. Chase was by far the youngest swimmer and I think I was the second youngest in the pool.

Gramma took a zillion pictures of us! Hopefully she’ll get in the pool with us tomorrow. I should mention that the weather has been fantastic. Today it was 87 degrees!

Here are a few of my favorite pictures from the past couple of days!

Chase loves the weather in Palm Springs

Chase loves the weather in Palm Springs

Loving the Water

Loving the water

Water baby

Water baby

Relaxing after swimming

Relaxing after swimming


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