Go to Hawaii…Hawaii



After spending a wonderful week in Palm Springs with my Mom, it was time to move even further west to Hawaii. Mom, Chase, and I drove back to Los Angeles to meet Josh. We stayed at a Hyatt House, which I highly recommend if you need extra space when traveling with family. They had a high chair and crib for Chase which worked really well. We stayed the night and caught an early morning flight from LAX to HNL. Josh was able to get my mom upgraded to business class and she was super surprised when she found out that she wasn’t riding “in the back of the plane.” It may sound crazy, but I am a big fan of flying First Class when traveling with an “infant in arms.” The seats are wider and there is more room for the baby to move about without hitting the person seated next to you. There is also a lavatory that is for first class passengers only and this is usually quite convenient. I think I’ll post a future blog discussing my recommendations for traveling with an infant since by the end of March I will have traveled over 30,000 miles in less than one year with Chase.

Mom and Chase

Mom and Chase

The flight from LAX-HNL was great and Chase did well. Thankfully there were changing tables in the lavatories. We met my dad in HNL and waited for our next flight to Kona. As we were boarding something quite strange happened. My dad had his boarding pass scanned and was on his way down the jet bridge when the Hawaiian Airlines staff person noted that my mom’s ticket was invalid. My mom was told she had already boarded the plane. We were all super confused. They called my dad back and found that his ticket had my mom’s name on it. Turns out that my dad had wanted to meet our flight, as he landed just before us. He asked an airport employee for assistance with finding our gate. Somehow the lady thought he wanted to meet us at baggage claim and instructed him to exit through security. He realized that she sent him the wrong direction and tried to run back through the exit, but alarms sounded and she would not allow him to return. He knew that he would need a ticket to get back through security and found the Hawaiian Air kiosk. He printed his ticket and made his way back into the main airport. By then we were arriving and he was so flustered that he just went to the gate of our next flight. This is where the story picks up. Turns out that when he printed “his” ticket he had actually printed my mom’s ticket. Their names were listed on the screen with two boxes that were checked. Well he unchecked the box next to his name which then removed his reservation from the flight. To think that he made it past TSA with a boarding pass with my mom’s name and his ID is a bit worrisome. They were told that the flight was oversold and that only one of them could board. My mom knew my dad was all worked up and figured he’d be better off not being left alone in the airport. Thankfully my mom was able to get a seat on the next flight to Kona. Her plane landed just as we finished loading all of our luggage into the rental car. What a crazy start to our vacation!


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